FX Risk Managment - Beat the Markets

Currency markets are frought with unpredictability. The large transfer of sterling into a foreign currency can therefore prove to be a treacherous undertaking.

One-on-one advisory service

TorFX clients are able to work with a dedicated FX broker who can advise on how to best protect your money, and maximise profit where such opportunities lie.

Some of the tools at your disposal are:

A Forward Contract: Here you lock in an exchange rate that will be utilised at a later date when you finally execute your transfer or payment. This automatically takes away uncertainty from the equation, allowing you to budget accordingly. A forward contract can be entered to up to 2 years in advance, a 10 pct deposit is required, the remainder is due when your contract matures.

Orders: When your rate hits, we execute a currency order. If the exchange rate moves in your favour and hits a level you are happy with we buy; this is called a Limit Order. Likewise, if the rate moves against you we will buy your currency at the rate you believe to be the lowest you are willing to go. This protective deal is known as a Stop Loss Order.

Hedging: If you have the time TorFX can set up a plan to conduct your order in stages. If the rate is good now, part of your deal can be executed with the view that further deals can be conducted when better rates are reached.

Please see the savings TorFX are able to deliver by offering exchange rates as close the spot market rate as possible:

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