Emigrating - Don't Be Caught Out on FX

The fluctuation of global exchange rates prove to be a source of major anxiety to people moving to another country to start a new life. With your bank account you can quite simply press the 'send' button but in doing so you are likely to incur eye-watering exchange rates and fees.

And if you execute your transfer at the wrong time matters only get worse as the markets have a knack of moving against you!

A professional broker like TorFX can advise you on your timing, charge no fees, offer hedging strategies and deliver the best market exchange rates, hands-down!

The figures below are indicative of the savings TorFX are able to offer retail clients by delivering exchange rates as close to the spot market rate as possible.

We are all too aware that exchange rate markets are in constant flux, but one thing that won't change is the determination of TorFX to deliver you massive savings on your international payments and money transfers.

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